Scanner Recommendations - Looking at 3 Epsons

Started Dec 8, 2010 | Discussions thread
bronxbombers Forum Pro • Posts: 18,226
Re: Scanner Recommendations - Looking at 3 Epsons

bmcent1 wrote:

Very impressive results! Anybody would have to love that machine. However, it's in a totally different ballpark from what I'm looking at.

I'm looking into the V600 now.

yeah the price is kinda crazy but i figured if i devote three years of my life to the task hah i better do it right to begin with (well not going 100% right as that would entail the wet mount kit, but, as I said, dont wanna spend 30 years on it!)

any best of luck with whatever you decide, i dont know anything about the ones you asked about, sorry

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