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Re: pretty impressed with the jpg

rkhndjr wrote:

A man after my own heart. Thanks for this perceptive analysis.

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That's nice to read, but honestly, I understand the enthusiasm for raw files - it's just that in situations where the raw enthusiasts are shooting with the old pros who prefer jpg because they can bracket way more than usual and fit on the same card... by and large, the old pros made us raw guys look like slackers. In the old days of film, it took massive skill to shoot transparency film only, negative film was so forgiving of exposure and white balance mistakes. Same thing.

I may be a bit different because my eyes/brain do not neutral white balance light as I'm told others' do. I see the color of light at 9am and at 11am, and it's very different to me. I also can see the huge spectrum gaps in flourescent daylight lights. Might not be good for someone to build a shooting strategy based on the broken perceptions of me, but I will say that when I show images shot in various light situations, if my choice of white balance is daylight no matter what the actual light temp, generally viewers see the images as more accurate. They see white balancing as "fixing a problem." Maybe my inability to white balance visually is close to how people see...

JPG files are only problems if you miss exposure or white balance and need to compensate for the photographer's failures. I admit I've seen my betters shoot jpg and get results indistinguishable from my best raw conversion... lost a bet that cost me a case of handmade gin once, and the expense has made me very thoughtful about this. I'm not as good as many of my friends are... I need raw to save me sometimes, even though I can see that the recovery limits of shooting raw are quite narrow.

Panasonic did a good job on jpg conversion. I apply very similar conversions to the jpg files as I do to the raw files - having been a long time shooter of high saturation films, I have stored adjustments for digital that are much the same.

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