Kenko 1.4x with 70-200 f/4 L IS

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Same combo with 1DII and 1DIIs

I have this same lens/tc combo and use it with a couple of 1DIIn bodies and a 1DsII body. Although I've not performed such a structured test before, my general perception in consistent with your findings. The f4 IS is such an extremely sharp lens in the first place that it doesn't suffer with the 1.4 tc, and, as you show, can actually result in better IQ as opposed to the same view cropped/resized.

Good post

slartz wrote:

Did some sample shots.

  • All shots were on tripod with mirror lockout

  • All shots were from a little over 5 meters

  • All shots were taken 3 times to eliminate random problems

  • Image center is a little to the right of the aboriginal art. so crop represents side, but not far side of lens.

  • The 200mm shots were cropped to pixel size

  • the 280mm shots were cropped to match same FoV as 200mm crops, then downsized to same size.

I think samples show clearly the benefit of the 1.4x TC. *

Comparison @ f/5.6

70-200 @ 200 f/5.6

70-200 +1.4x @ 280 f/5.6

70-200 @ 200 f/8

70-200 +1.4x @ 280 f/8

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