Olympus 9-18: polarizer use ???

Started Dec 10, 2010 | Discussions thread
EnJay New Member • Posts: 18
Re: filters on 7-14

Oh now I see. Sorry; I approached your question somewhat back to front.

If you're interested, I saw a thread on the Oympus SLR forum talking about adapting the zuiko 7-14 for filters. It was called
Filtered 7-14 (HOWTO)

It might not be directly applicable to the panasonic lens but the same principles may apply. It would be a shame to miss out on that lens solely on the basis of filters (I think, anyway).

redrunnertc wrote:

That's exactly why I was asking - if you couldn't really use a polarizer anyway, the lack of threading would be OK ... but since it obviously works as well on the 9-18 as it does on any other lens, that kind of rules out the 7-14, unless, as you mentioned I want to get a little crafty building a holder.

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