Looking to replace my two 10D's

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Re: Looking to replace my two 10D's


Narcosynthesis wrote:

I would go for the 50d.

A couple of reasons: Given the fairly basic lens selection you have, the 50d will leave you the most money spare to upgrade your lenses - the 75-300 for example is a pretty basic lens, and upgrading to a newer camera will most likely show up any flaws worse than your 10d's did - the price difference between the 50d and 7d should leave you enough to buy a 70-300mm IS for example. I would say that this is going to be a more valuable upgrade than buying a 7d to use with the 75-300.

The 5d does have the benefit of being full frame, but comes with the downside of only being available secondhand, so rather than being new and warranties, it comes with an unknown amount of use and lifespan left. Being full frame it also discounts the use of your 10-20mm lens, so if that is a lens you use regularly you would have to factor in replacing it. The same issue with the other lenses also appears again in the fact that a lens like the 75-300 I don't really see as doing justice to the quality of the 5d (if anything the full frame sensor will tax the glass even more), so the money would be better placed in a 50d and better lenses.

The 50d is a great camera, and coming from a 10d will be a familiar body style and setup, albeit a new and improved version with a lot of new features and improvements.

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