Is A580 a more rugged camera than A55?

Started Dec 10, 2010 | Discussions thread
rcat Junior Member • Posts: 49
Re: Is A580 a more rugged camera than A55?

Dare I say that from my handling of both in the shop and buying the A55, neither the A55 nor the A580 are particularly solid in their build. Certainly not in terms of perceived build qualtiy i.e. like a German car feels solid even though it might not be any more reliable than a Japanese car. Neither camera feels very solid and the switchgear feels a little cheap - I do have every faith in the reliability though.

BTW The NEX 5 on the other hand feels patently much more solid in comparison - obviously the Mg alloy is the key.

The thing about the A55(particularly) for me is that the amount of tech you get for the money is pretty impressive so compromises have had to be made in the build materials - an alloy body could have bumped up the price considerable - this is why I find comparisons of build quality with cameras like the Nikon D7000, at nearly twice the price, a little laughable.

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