VelociRaptor vs. RAID 0

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Re: VelociRaptor vs. RAID 0

chevysales wrote:

i also think for the average user adding raid 0 adds a level of possible problems the average joe isn't able to work with. most here are photographers not technicians.

I wholeheartedly agree. RAID 0 is wonderful for data centers and not suitable for most home users. What's worse, some folks seem to view RAID as a substitute for backups and that's a recipe for disaster if there ever was one.

that said anyone who has spent even 2 hours researching SSD's knows the claimed specs are raly met under anything but ideal benchmark testing...real world shows many hiccups.

Sure but that's an industry problem with computer equipment from disk drives to networking gear to USB interfaces and more.

However, with SSD's you can easily measure the performance relative to HDD's and pretty much know what to expect if you consider access times and xfer rates under various scenarios (read .v. write, sequential .v. random, multi-threaded, etc). That's the type of analysis I did before buying mine and, sure enough, it performs exactly as expected. I only found one surprise -- the reduction in noise from my system was significantly more than I expected once the aggressive system drive seeks were taken out of the equation. That's compared to 7200 rpm WD and Seagate HDD's.

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