Adobe confirms ACR 6.3 contrast problem

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Many problems actually: color, jaggies, noise

Jaggies, poor color separation and artifacts, those are already a problem at base ISO. Same as for LR3.3, see below.

If you increase ISO, noise is horrible compared to CNX2 (both with NR disabled).

Jaggies ae present at all ISOs, the above was just a crop at 3200. I actually found that ACR shows jaggies for all Nikons, check this same crop at the DPR tests.

farnsbarns wrote:

I thought I was going mad but apparently not. I just spent a couple of hours online with Adobe who agree with me - there is a problem. I have shot tests with RAW/ jpg( Fine) on a D7000 only to find the jpgs to be brilliant but the RAWs to be horribly contrasty at the shadow end. So bad that just tweaking them back to 'normal'( as shown in the corresponding jpg) I had introduced so much noise they became unusable. This is before any creative work ups. Incidentally I open RAW files in CS5 via Bridge.

So was it camera or software? We ( myself and Adobe supervisor ) tested 6.3 with my D700 as well, with the same results - so its not camera related. What's left? perhaps 3rd party plug in issues, so I took out Ninja, onOne, Color Efex, PhotoTools, etc. Same thing. Adobe already have recognized a magenta shift problem and are now adding this to the next fix list, probably in about a month. It may not happen to you, but it did to me. Luckily the jpegs are so good its not a complete disaster, and I have uninstalled 6.3 and returned to 6.2 so I can at least use RAW files from the D700

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