135 L worthwhile?

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Re: 135 L worthwhile?

Since cost and weight and focal range seem to be important to you, I'd think about going with a single lens - probably the 24-105mm f/4 L IS.

I own the 135mm f/2 and it is a fine lens. However, for shooting while traveling in most cases in which I cannot take every lens I might want to carry, I usually build my kit around a zoom. You are probably going to be shooting hand held, so the resolution improvement from the 135 is going to be lost to some extent. In many situations, though admittedly not all, f/4 plus IS is going to work for you where you would be at f/2 with the prime. In terms of flexibility, focal length coverage, weight, bulk, and complexity the zoom has a lot going for it.

I might augment the zoom with a single prime, perhaps something like a 50mm. The 135 is hardly more discrete than the 24-105 once you put hoods on both of them. And you certainly can shoot "street" very effectively with the zoom. I shoot street with primes sometimes and zooms at other times, and I can get good results either way.


Benna78 wrote:

Hello everybody,

I'm going to Japan in 2 weeks, and I found some interesting second hand 135 L. I really like primes, and I'd like to buy a fast long lens. Actually I seldom shoot portraits, and I'd use that lens for general shooting/candids. I'm not interested in the 85, as I am looking for something longer. I thought about the 100 f2 and the 135 f2. The first one is an impressive lens, light and compact, and quite cheap. The secong is a legend in canon lens lineup, and the 135 focal has always been a "classic" in a three lens 28-50-135 combo, as (it's said) it can substitute a mid range zoom. I already have a 4-105 and a 70-200 f4, so I don't really need the 100 or 135 focals, but f2 is 2 stop from f4 and the white 70-200 is not vey discreet in street shooting.

So, what would you do? Is the 135 L worth the expense? Or would you rather go for the 100 f2? Or maybe the 70-200 f4 is enough and it's better to go for the 50 f1.4 (I only have the 50 macro)?

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