Canon Pro9000 Mark II Color Cast Help

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Canon Pro9000 Mark II Color Cast Help

I hope someone can help me. Lately all my pictures have a red cast to them, it looks like everyone is sunburnt. What bothers me most, is I swear it didn't used to be this way.

Basic info: Running Windows 7, Printing with PS CS 5, and calibrated with ColorEyes Display Pro.

I have red that "double profiling" might be causing this, but for the life of me I can't figure out where I would be double profiling.

Some Basic Settings:

Under Windows 7 Color Management I have my Calibrated Profile as the default, under Advanced Tab, eerything is set at system default. I have it set to "use windows display calibration" which it's my understanding loads the profile I set it to-- in this case the Display Pro one. If I hit the "Change System Defaults on that advanced tab, I see my Icc profile for my monitor(the DisplayPro one) set as the default. Nothing else been changed.

Then, in PS CS5, under the Color Settings option from the "edit" menu, I have it set to North America General Purpose 2, everything else is the default of that.

Okay, so I hit print, I see the Pro9000 series XPS(I've tried the other one too, didn't make a difference).

Under color management... I have it set to Document
Color Handling: Photoshop Manages
Printer Profile: Canon Pro9000 MKII Photo Paper Plat. (which I am using)

Rendering: Relative Colorimetric, Black Point Compensation (I have tried the other intents with no great success)

Ok, then under print settings I checked Color/Intensity Manual Adjustment then under the Color Correction Matching Tab I hit "none." It's my understanding that turns it off.

I have Photo Paper Pro Platinum selected under Media Type, and Print Quality set to high.

That's pretty much it.. Any ideas?

The printed image almost looks how it would on a wide gamut monitor that hadn't been calibrated.. It's not a subtle red either, everyone looks sunburned. On the screen, it looks perfect.

Could it be as simple as dirty ink heads? I hadn't used it in a month or so. And of course, "cleaning" them caused one of the colors to run out so I haven't been able to do a test print after that, but I wanted to see if there was some setting I've missed. Thanks!

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