clinical Versus un-clinical?

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stealth3kpl: clinical Versus un-clinical?

I just purchased my first Jupiter lens the Jupiter-9, 85mm f/2 Screw Mount Lens. It's sharp and fast. I spent some time polishing the chrome and turned it into a like new lens. The glass is coated and there is not a mark on the glass. It's perfect.

I made a post here in the Leica Talk forum about the lens becuase in the beggining I had trouble focusing at f/2.The lens appeared to back focus. Well it does at it's very minimum focusing distance of about 3 feet. But at 4 feet the lens is spot on. So I will be able to use it for the intended purpose of indoor low light portraits on my Seiko Epson R-D1 as well as on my Zorki 1c and FED 1g and even my Leica M5.

I rate this lens as an excellent lens opticaly as it is a copy of the Zeiss Sonnar 85/2. You can get them from for $189 with a front lens cap and a lens case. Not bad, a lot less than a Leica lens.

Mark Ehlers is the forum member who got me into these Russian made cameras and lenses as his posted photo's were all excellent. His enthusiasim got to me as well. Believe me I'm soooo very glad about this as these copies are really excellent and affordable. Someday I will purchase a real Leica Barnack camera at 3 or 4 times the cost. I already have several Leica LTM lenses and that's a good thing.

stealth3kpl wrote:

Peter Nelson wrote:

I play the violin, if someone where to tell me my playing was clinical I would not be happy about it at all.

I think Neal Peart - clinical and technical
John Bonham - Now there's a drummer with feeling.

I just do not know anything about these drummers so I will take your word for this.
But the point was made, playing with feeling is a good thing.

Now back to lenses. My old LTM Leica and Russian made lenes each have a certain taste they add to an image.

There was a good thread perhaps here or perhaps on the Nikon forum about old lenses. A lot of photos with Jupiter lenses were cropping up. They weren't optically perfect by any means but the imaging properties in certain circumstances were superb.

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