OT Raw vs JPEG - is deliberate over-exposure best?

Started Dec 9, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: OT Raw vs JPEG - is deliberate over-exposure best?

olddigiman1 wrote:

I am aware of "shoot to the right" and the thinking behind it. But I did run into a situation where the main subject matter was very dark, and my exposure was way to the right (but not clipped). No matter what I tried in ACR (the current version) I just could not get the rich deep tones that I would have gottent iin a normally exposed OOC JPEG. So I wonder if you can be too far to the right for a given subject even though you're not cllpping.

Was this with a RAW or JPEG? Overexposing by a stop or more in order to pull it back down in post could cause problems with JPEGs.

That said, I think I've seen this too - things might get a bit weird as the tone curve flattens out in the highlights.

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