A55/A33 AF-lock in video mode - [users appeal]

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A55/A33 AF-lock in video mode - [users appeal]

As for the lack of focus lock during video recording...

It's a big omission from the manufacturer, and it seems that if you can control the exposure is probably simple to implement this function - i mean [B]ON/OFF AF function during one video scene[ B].

It could be connected with main shutter button (or any other) which are useless during video recording.

Why? What for?

Because it happens very often that works in continuous AF becomes, a problem. How it could be?

For example, when an object crosses for a while this line between us to focus point a camera sharpening immediately tries to sharpen, losing correct character/object in the scene.

how does it compare to reality?

we're shooting a child on a longer focal length and for a moment something cuts us - some staff located closer to the elements (branches, fencing) or someone / something (other person/car) crosses the scene --> focus's moving back and again to sharpen crossing object and back to the right scene composition - this is really annoying and does not look good.

Another example - we are shooting some bird on a branch. Autotracking mode once focusing on the lovely bird, and once the little leaf literally steals the focus point, and again bird, little branch, bird... - you can go crazy!
Somebody may ask - So why don't you use MF with that bird?

My answer- have you ever try to catch, a bird with lovely bokeh by MF? With AF locking control it could be really nice and easily to do!
One thing you need is AF lock function!

Another thing is that - the current situation practically requires continuous maintenance of the object in the focus point - it results in a continuous cropping on an item/person, most centrally (although we may change focus point location but it's still continous operation).

so you can change the location of AF point but the operation is inadequate to the situation when cameraman wants to control the scene.

For example if you focus at the child's face and wants to place it at the right edge of frame,

all that crazy tracking AF will immediately sharpen the background whenever I'll try to shot like that.
Changing AF location is too time-consuming and inefficient in this sense.

If there will be control over AF lock I could use it by the one click and easily unlock it the same way when I decide that I want to make, a smooth transition with focus/scene layers.

Such a simple thing but very necessary

Possibility of those transitions in MF mode has nothing to do with the described functionality because it could be changed (AF/MF) before recording starts and permanently disables AF operation - and here I discuss the situation in which I wanna enjoy its benefits but under simple control (on/off AF) in one scene (without cuts).

If they are here some Sony employees, and certainly know where to give such suggestions to be taken seriously or at least have a chance, because normal user does not have access to such (internal) information channels, please help to realize this idea of AF LOCK FUNCTION (maybe with next firmware update).

And what simple user can do?

[B]Believe that anything you can imagine, you can make real[ B] - it's from sony.com

So feel free to copy this text and send it to your Sony Support.
You can find some contact here: http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/Support/

[U]Remember that your voice (mail/post) about this issue will increase the chances of implement this feature.[ U]

Just [B]make.believe[ B]!

ps please stick this topic

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