clinical Versus un-clinical?

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Re: clinical Versus un-clinical?

Thanks for the perfect intro.

My take on a clinical lens would be one that prodices a sterile environment much like what people imagine a hospital to be. It's not if truth be known.

So that's it, there are lenses that add there own signiture to the image. It could be many forms of effects from sharpness, to contrasty, to not too contrasty, to not to sharp, to having good OOF bokeh or the oposite., vinnetting, CA.

Clinical to me implies cold and impersonal. I play the violin, if someone where to tell me my playing was clinical I would not be happy about it at all. I want my feelings to show in my violin playing. More so than an absolute perfect rendition of a piece. I guess that's also because mostly I play and make up my own music on a day to day basis. Only turning to the great masters like Bach for inspiration. Now back to lenses. My old LTM Leica and Russian made lenes each have a certain taste they add to an image. But Clinical (without feeling) is not among them. I have a favorite really old lens but I really like the "air" I see in the image. Who knows it might be lens fog. I doubt it, but there is a certain seeing of "air" in most of the images from this lens.

My first version Leica 50mm f/1.4 Summilux made between 1959 -1961 is pre-ASPH. But it is still among the 3 sharpest lenses I own and I own over 50 from many makes and in many mounts. I can only imagine but not really believe that it gets any better than this lens. So when I hear ASPH lens and people thinking they are better in some way. I doubt that there is any real significant improvement. I have read some people, like Thom Hogan, he actually warned people to stay away from the first version only because it's Pre-ASPH and in some way inferior. I'm sure Image Quality wise he could not tell the difference even at 100% or any field of view you can name. But this is getting of the subject a little.

Reg Ister wrote:
As i am a physician, i can only answer this as an example:

Clinical = inside the hospital
un-clinical = when you are at home behind your screen.

is trolling quanifiable or simply subjective ?


nbanja wrote:

I would like to know exactly the added value of the ASPH element in the 50 lux.

What is the clinicalness people are talking about? Can we see some examples of the clinical VS. Un-clinical? Is this quantifiable or simply subjective?

I mean, do the ASPH owners think it's clinical or is it simply the non-owners that think it's "too clinical"?? Is this simply a subjective issue?

Let's see some proofs.

And what is "clinical" anyways?

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