New LX5 owner - size concerns

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Re: New LX5 owner - size concerns

mackitten wrote:

Hello All

I was just (2 hours ago) gifted with a LX5

I had been researching for months - I wanted a new 'P&S' to replace my current go everywhere Canon SD1000. The canon took great video but most of the photos I would delete or just keep as 'proof' of an event etc

I was almost going to get the ZS7 (or6) or ZR3 but then after reading reviews and speaking with a friend that owns a LX3 I decided to just go for the LX5 (the gift giver was up for the $$ task)

I new it wasnt as pocketable as some but its bigger than I had imaged it was going to be.

THe whole point was to have a good camera that would take pictures when I was out and about and 'light weight' and not wanting to lug along my Canon 300D (also looking to upgrade to 550 soon I hope) and 50 mm lens.

Im excited about the LX5 but nervous that because of its size I may not be wanting to bring it around as much as I hoped, Im wondering maybe i should have gone for the ZS7...

Did anyone have similar concerns? DO you still take it everywhere or do you find yourself leaving it at home, Id be very interested to hear from any female owners of the LX5 as well since we tend to have different thoughts and issues surrounding bags and how much 'crap' to bring around.

I want to love it but I am a little worried

You'd be far better off with the ZS6 or 7 IMHO.

I carry my ZS3 in my right front pants pocket at all times , I am never without it. (Old guy so I don't mind looking lumpy )

Even with a Clearviewer attached (which is almost like having an EVF and protects the LCD screen) it still fits OK. It is always carried in a loose, open top plastic bag which I recommend for all pocket cameras, as I had an earlier camera ruined by pocket lint.


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