clinical Versus un-clinical?

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Oh, brother!

Edward Chatlos wrote:

But you can take a clean sharp image and do whatever you want to it. Try to take a image that has those aberration and get a clean sharp image from corner to corner.

So it is my opinion that the people that down play the newest ASPH lenses don't really know what they are missing.

nbanja wrote:

Yes but that involves photoshop, lightroom and a plethora of image-killing programs. Programs that are the anti-thesis of photography itself.

If you shoot in the proper format and use the proper program(s), you will not kill the image. I suggest you spend some time in the Retouching Forum to get more eductaed on this matter.

And even though I personally will often prefer to use lenses (and film) in this manner, as opposed to using software, these programs are certainly not the "anti-thesis of photography". That's a ridiculous statement if I ever heard one.

I am keeping that subject for another thread (where people will call me a mega-troll but that's their problem).

Spend some time over in the Retouching Forum. It sounds like you could really use it.

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