clinical Versus un-clinical?

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Re: clinical Versus un-clinical?

But you can take a clean sharp image and do whatever you want to it. Try to take a image that has those aberration and get a clean sharp image from corner to corner.

So it is my opinion that the people that down play the newest ASPH lenses don't really know what they are missing.

stealth3kpl wrote:

Nbanja, I think when people speak of a clinical rendering they're saying the image is very crisp and sharp. Aspheric lenses in lens systems are there to reduce aberrations, particularly spherical aberrations where the outer most rays come to a focus further behind or infront of the focus of the rays close to the optic axis. This might be desirable for some imagery but you and I know there's more to photography than clean sharp images. It's often the aberrations causing some image degradation that makes an image more appealing. This is why some prefer the pre aspheric lenses.

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