clinical Versus un-clinical?

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Re: "the clinical VS. Un-clinical? Is this quantifiable or simply subjective?"

Purely subjective and a bit silly as well, IMO; as, what matters with any lens, is whether or not it's specific user is getting and likes the types of images, he or she is getting with the lens, irrespective of lens generation/type/model/series, price paid for the lens or even how one obtained the lens(es) --- and, this is extremely subjective, as it rightfully varies for each and everyone of us. Whether or not you like a particular lens, and it works well on your camera(s), is all that matters.

BRJR ....(LOL, some of us are quite satisfied as Hobbyists ..)

nbanja wrote:

I would like to know exactly the added value of the ASPH element in the 50 lux.

What is the clinicalness people are talking about? Can we see some examples of the clinical VS. Un-clinical? Is this quantifiable or simply subjective?

I mean, do the ASPH owners think it's clinical or is it simply the non-owners that think it's "too clinical"?? Is this simply a subjective issue?

Let's see some proofs.

And what is "clinical" anyways?

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