Scanner Recommendations - Looking at 3 Epsons

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Scanner Recommendations - Looking at 3 Epsons

Hello -

I've been using an Epson Perfection 1200 Photo for... probably a decade or longer now. It's still chugging away, but is has a strange rattle and sometimes takes too long to warm up (and then Photoshop / Twain time out.)

I'm looking to replace this flat bed scanner with a new one but not spend a lot of money. It's handy when I need it, but that's not very often.

I still own an Nikon Super Cool Scan 4000 ED but I use it so rarely it's not even connected to the computer.

  • I'm looking for a scanner that's faster than my current 1200. I suspect any USB 2.0 device no days would be.

  • Equal or better IQ scanning documents and the occasional print

  • MAYBE a slide scanning / transparency feature if it works reasonably close to the IQ of the Cool Scan 4000.

I still have boxes of slides that I "someday" will scan, but between the jams in the slide loader of the Cool Scan 4000, and the amount of work needed to make scanned slides look acceptable (color shift, focus, dust, etc.) I've never been excited about that project. If I could scan 4 slides at a time with decent performance on the newer Epson flat beds, I might just pick favorites and chew away at that project on slow days.

I'm considering these three Epson flat bed scanners:

EPSON Perfection 4490 ... $150
EPSON Perfection V30 ... $90
EPSON Perfection V300 ... $140

You can see the price range I'm interested in. The V30 is LED based which says instant start up (no warm up), but it also has no transparency option I can tell.

Is the transparency option on either of the others worth the extra price? If their transparency functions aren't up to the Cool Scan 4000 I may just be better off going for the cheapest and hanging on to my Cool Scan in case I ever tackle the old slides.

Any other scanners I should be looking at?

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