clinical Versus un-clinical?

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Re: clinical Versus un-clinical?

The reason people have a problem with you is because you have a sense of entitlement. "Let's see some proof" you say. No-one here is obligated to show or tell you anything. You are demanding and seem to be trying to incite something. I'm not calling names, just answering your question.

This is a community which is based upon goodwill. Here is an example:

I used to work in the service department of a car dealership. Often times the technicians would work on my car for free because we had a symbiotic relationship. I was friendly and would bring by lunch or drinks, and then on the odd day my car acted up they would fix it. Other employees never spoke unless they needed something. Those people would not receive free labor because they merely annoyed the techs.

I haven't gone through you history but I would wager that it is not filled with pleasant comments and advice, with the occasional question, answers respectfully accepted. You seem to demand answers, and then fight the ones you receive.

This is why you are getting the reactions you are.

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