Does Canon has any camera which compete with Nikon's D90???

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Re: Does Canon has any camera which compete with Nikon's D90???

marc1990 wrote:

xerovelocity wrote:

Get a D7000 instead man, if you wanna stick with Nikon.

This is electronics and camera technology which evolves and improves probably only slower than Wafer design/nanometer technology (the likes of Intel, AMD, Nvidia).

I don't agree, I did same when I bougth 50D. I knew the next one was on the corner after few month. But still bougth 50D because this way I safe a lot of money which I spent on lenses.

And I am still not sorry I didn't wait for 60D because It wasn't much better for photography(nearly same IQ, autofocus) .(video is other point)

So it more the question what do you want:

  • much fast action but on budget, canon has nice 70-200 4L no-is, while nikon doesn't.

  • much fast action but budget isn't big deal, both are the same.(but D7000 and 7D will work best for this,60D and D90 should be no problem)

  • landscape both should do, but you may want to look to full frame(Check lens line up!)

  • family both will do(have a look at low ligth primes)

  • studio both will but I think canon wins a little bit because of primes price and amount of choose

  • Don't know what you are going to do, have look at lens line up of both canon and nikon.(I like lens line up of canon more, this was one of my reasons I choosed canon)


I see the point, but would you buy 50D today IF the 60D had swivel screen, 100% viewfinder and costs only a couple of $100 more, AND was available in the market.

Nikon's story is quite different at the moment. D90 has been in the market for too long, D7000 is available for next day delivery or store pickup, everything is on paper and in hands, nothing to look forward to or expect to hit the market while it is still waiting around the corner, just a few steps(months) away from launch.

In Canon's case, 60D did not see a huge step up from 50D in terms of what it now offers (except video).

With all due respect, I would not buy D90 in place of D7000, but would still consider with all seriousness a 50D instead of 60D to save some money for glass.

And D7000 does not compare with 7D by any stretch of imagination. Thanks to the Nikon marketing and naming convention, every has been made to believe so.

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