I've never seen it worded so well!

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Re: I've never seen it worded so well! NOT!

MusicDoctorDJ wrote:

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Greetings guys

Finally, I have the perfect response when someone says: "Your camera takes great pictures", or "That lens takes great pictures". Here's the link because, in part, it's a visual sort of thing...

Well . . . see . . . problem is most cameras today DO take very good pictures without any interaction whatsoever from the user other than pointing it at something and pressing the shutter button.

I would argue that most new cameras do not take good pictures. Rather, they are very good at estimating exposure for a scene. I still see as many lousy shots with today's sophisticated cameras as I did with basic cameras twenty years ago.

And, to be perfectly honest, most people (including many here in the chats) wouldn't take as good of images as they do if the camera didn't do most of the work for them!

There's some talented photographers here on this site, and many of those individuals just set their bodies to manual mode and go nuts with great subjects and composition.



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