Flash Sync Speed (1/200 vs. 1/500)

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Re: Flash Sync Speed (1/200 vs. 1/500)

binary_eye wrote:

By that logic, why should I believe you?

We are all foolish to believe anything we see on the internet. Some of it is correct, and some of it is garbage. Any one can post anything, lots of garbage. We have to learn to differentiate. Sources with credentials are better, but are far from failsafe. We need to verify (esp the unlikely stuff), not blindly believe everything. Use your head.

No, missing the big picture. Simply switching and activating FP flash mode drops power to a bit less than 1/4 maximum

Do you have a source for this? I'd like to see it.

You have never used FP flash mode? It seems pretty clear.

You need to get involved yourself. If you want to know, I just showed you FOUR ways you can easily verify this for yourself. It is true, certainly not because I say so, but because you can easily verify it for yourself.

I don't believe the light from FP sync is truly continuous but a series of pulses timed to evenly expose the frame as the shutter slit moves across it.

Of course.. Flash tubes cannot burn continuously like incandescent.

See page 14 of the SB-26 manual.


The sole purpose is to mimic continuous light.

Nikon used to try to explain this stuff, but too many novices today I guess, explanations just confuse their naive notions.

Old timers will remember flashbulbs. There was a special FP flash bulb that burned longer - more slowly.. an extended flash duration. The purpose was to be continuous for the duration of the focal plane shutter travel. Back then maximum sync speed was 1/60 second. The FP bulb made it be continuous light which allowed any shutter speed. The FP HSS flash mode is exactly the same concept we have known for ... at least 70 years, probably longer. It is only new to the newbies.

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