They don't make 'em like they used to.. (oldtimer pr0n)

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They don't make 'em like they used to.. (oldtimer pr0n)

Being a digital forum, in every sense of the word, the discussions of this forum is predominantly digitally centered. Fine and great and like it should be, nothing against it at all, so don't bite my head of

However, I've always had a weak spot for the old classic Nikon film SLR cameras, especially the F/F2, FM/FM2, FE/FE2, FA, F3 and so forth. I've always wanted one, although every single attempt of getting one in good condition have turned sour. Busted meters, laggy shutters, oily aperture blades and so forth.

Finally though, I got my hand on a FE2 and a couple of lenses, in rather good condition. One owner for about 25 years. Original packaging, warranty cards (don't think it's still valid ) and all that stuff. The lenses was a 50 F/2.0 and a 85 F/2.0.

Having nothing better to do, and not feeling like working on my long-term PP projects, I decided to do a one-minute job on the coffee table and make some snaps of my new (old) acquisitions. Maybe it will bring memories back for some of ya.

The 50 2.0 Ai is mounted. Although slightly slower than the 50 1.8D, it seems to be very much similar optically and in internal construction, except some coatings of course. The serial number indicates it's probably made in the late 70s. Compared to the 50 1.8D it feels like a million. Bjørn seems to like it too -

85 F/2.0 Ai (a 80-81 model going by the serial number). The finish is looking rather good I think. Very smooth and nice to the touch. Of course the focus rings of these old, yet certainly not high-end lenses of their time, are wonderful compared to modern lenses. Testing on digital I find it a very sharp lens, close to the 85 1.8D wide open. I've since this picture was shot last night, sold it, as I don't need two lenses of the same focal length. I really liked the lens though.

The first test roll turned out okay, no leaks and meter's working. I had to replace the foam that dampens the mirror when it pops up, it had disintegrated pretty badly.

Here's some quick negative scans of the test roll, done with my crappy flatbed. Not exactly high arts, but the oldies work!

A bit red-brownish color hue from the scan. Correctable but I did not bother. Shot wide open with the 50 2.0

Also wide open with the 50 2.0. Might call it a "bokeh" test. I find it quite busy.

Stopped down to F/4.0-5.6


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