Unable to match images on screen to prints

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Re: Post a sample...

OK, sorry that my ideas wont help you. Something is odd though - a lower gamma is usually a darker image or darker screen - so how come on your system a lower gamma gets brighter? This I don't understand.

I used Photoimpact a few years ago and found that the standard gamma of 2.2 was too bright for my screen. I've used various screen adjustment tests and my current screen (Samsung Synchmaster) is much like all the others I've had - I get better contrast on screen when my software gamma is set to around 1.8 to 2.0.

I have the standard colour set for my screen and use sRGB in my photos.

But I suppose that on your screen, a gamma of 2.2 shows the best range of black to white and the best looking contrast - again, I say, trust your eyes in the first instance and good luck with your search for a solution.

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