Is this too much Photoshopping??

Started Dec 6, 2010 | Discussions thread
nkarasev Senior Member • Posts: 1,499
Re: Is this too much Photoshopping??

Judging by the amount of responses alone (some not as positive but most are) you've done good!

sure there is something to be done better and each responder would probably do it differently. I personally would do two things:

-using ACR decrease highlights - this will make bright areas a bit dimmer

-increase contrast - since highlights are not as bright anymore, you will get less or no blowout highlights (you already have some in the original and there is no way to fix that)

doing that your image will have same contrast with less blown highlights.

Conversion to B&W helps to get rid of some colored details that distract from main subject (body is distracting here), and you did just that!

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