Yet more from the 35 'Lux ASPH II

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Re: Yet more from the 35 'Lux ASPH II

Thank you. Couple of things. I don't know whether the young lady is a model, but she certainly looks to be quite the shopper. But aren't they all. lol! Me? I'm on my way to return a book to Borders. She steps out of the store there and looks back inside. I reach down to the M9 and hit the shutter. Yes. I would have loved to gotten both her feet in those too-cute boots of hers. But the slant I wouldn't change though.

And I don't know if Leica "massively" ships anything at all. Maybe when they were churning out 100 M9s a day. But glass? It's never going to be anything more than a trickle. But these 35 II-Lux's are starting to show up as evidenced by the fact that a few guys here have gotten theirs. I was wondering... is this the first wave... or was there some that had gotten out before this past few weeks?

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