Vistek in Canada and Olympus?

Started Dec 5, 2010 | Discussions thread
Paul Auclair Veteran Member • Posts: 4,785

difference on the 35-100F2.
even after US rebate program expires the difference will still be $250

after seeing what the E5 is capable of I decided to seriously consider adding SHG to the 'collection'. my first choice is the 35 100 F2.

yes i could order from a US retailer (rebate may not qualify ?) or have my brother (lives in US) pick it up for me but i'd rather buy locally for obvious reasons.
$450 is way too much to swallow or be expected to swallow.

I can't imagine Olympus does not know of the internet and how some people manage to use it as an aid in comparing products and prices. This $450 price discrepancy(?) is insulting. I'm really quite put off by this issue.
maybe I'll just stick with the 12-60.

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