K5 Jpeg vs. RAW

Started Nov 21, 2010 | Discussions thread
Andreas Helke Senior Member • Posts: 1,204
JPG quality is quite irrelevant

For storing unprocessed photos JPG is a bad joke and not a suitable solution. If you care about quality of your photos your camera will never have the opportunity to ruin them by converting them to a JPG file. So how well the camera does it is quite irrelevant.

Once you are finished with adjusting colors, brightness and contrast JPG is good enough to store the processed photo even if it needs further processing like perspective correction or cloning out imperfections.

I don´t even care how good the JPGs from my cameras are.I Still have to use them some times due to raw buffering problems. But only if I know that my photos need no brightness and color adjustments. And not too much of contrast adjustment.

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