D7000 Sharpness, Lots of Samples, High ISO, mini review, etc #1

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Re: #5 More about AF-ON -> how to use it and settings

Ray Soares wrote:

a3 -> 9 points
a4 -> off
Focus area and mode AFC - continuous focus with 9 points dynamic area
a1 -> release
Lock initial focus point to central point (w/ the focus lock selector )
Set AE-L button to AF-ON only (so you will not focus using shutter button!)

are these setting for D7000 or D90? a3 and a4 don't seems to be correct for D7000.

e- Pressing AF-ON just start the continuous focus procedures a bit before than using the half-press shutter and THAT is the secret together w/ using RELEASE mode, that gets things working flawless w/ NO delay using AF-ON button.

i follow your setting of af-c, shutter release set ae-l, ael/afl button set as af-on, etc, but i sometime encounter problem of af point hang with just 1 single af point at the centre with af-s display on the top lcd. and the af selector become dead, no respond. what could be wrong?

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