??? Diffusion of Light in Theory ???

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??? Diffusion of Light in Theory ???

He is the question:

Is diffusion of light only relates to the subject (the way it appears in the image) or does it relate to the light itself?.

For example as it is obvious that the larger the source and it's proximity to the subject the softer the shadows - as the light wraps around the subject projecting itself on areas (shadows) that are blocked by the subject or other elements in the composition.

If the same light source is positioned 5 inches away or 100 feet away the light itself is never altered and remains the same quality, besides loosing the intensity.

So theoretically "softness" or "hardness"of the light itself is not influenced by the size or distance.

So here comes the question:

Given that the light source is positioned the same distance away from the subject and the only thing that is changing is the type of diffusion material.

Will the light appear softer if a very thin diffusion material used (with balanced exposure) ? here are examples of diffusion materials:

From my understanding what different materials do is alter the width of the light beam. The wider the beam the better it wraps around the subject making it to appear softer. Some materials change the direction of beams allowing it to bounce around etc....

So given that only diffusion is changing, not the size or distance what would be the outcome for two following scenarios:

A. If the subject is on white set (white surface, white walls, white ceiling)
B. The subject is in space (with nothing around for light to bounce off)

I am planing to do some actual tests later on this week.... Please contribute your thoughts and ides.

Thank You,

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