Vistek in Canada and Olympus?

Started Dec 5, 2010 | Discussions thread
gviliunas New Member • Posts: 11
I'm tired of paying the "Canadian $ Penalty"

The US$ and CAD are nearly at par. The big boys in the US seem to be able to make money on Oly gear. What is the problem here? They are still selling e-420s as the latest and greatest here at Best Buy. I think that the message that the retailers in Canada are sending us is, "If you want good selection and price then Shop Mail Order from the US." Even with shipping, prices are usually as cheap or cheaper in the US.

It's even better if you live in Vancouver. Order mail order from BH or Adorama and ship to a mail-drop across the border. You still pay the HST but their is no brokerage cost, shipping is free to the mail drop. You only pay $3-4 for the mail drop service and a 20-mile car trip.

For an even better value, order your gear and then take you family for a well-deserved trip to Seattle. Enjoy the family R&R, pick up your new Oly gear :), and pocket your HST exemption as you cross the border ($50/person after 48-hr / $700/person after 6 days).

I would like to buy locally.....but I don't want to be stupid

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