Vistek in Canada and Olympus?

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Paul Auclair wrote:

and mall outlets under alll names "not going to stock Olympus DSLRs anymore" is what I received as a standard answer to E5 inquiries. When I phoned around re:E5 it surely seemed as only McBains' main store was going to have an E5 in stock for all of Edmonton.

I phoned Don's Photo (south side) re: something else and once more and inquired about an E5. Same answer "Not going to stock Oly DSLRs anymore. Then they "checked the computer" and saw two E5s at their west side location selling for 1599.99. Go figure?

Now I see in Vistek's latest flyer an E5. Go Figure? I assume if questioned they (Edmonton) will state that the flyer is general to all Canada stores and the E5 is only available in Ontario store(s). Or maybe they(Edmonton) decided to order some in cuz of all the buzz (if there is buzz?).
I never bothered to call them.

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I called Don's too. They said they had several on preorder for people but they would not bring any in for stock because there was no demand (?).

Vistek is almost always useless. They never have things in stock and things that are ordered in are non returnable.

Vistek do have chinese knock-off tripods in stock but mcBains is so much better to deal with.

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