Not impressed with Nikon service on D7000

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Kabe Luna
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Actually, with the option there to set a global correction, every indication is...

...that this is exactly one of the scenarios AF fine tune was meant to deal with. Obviously it doesn't assuage your feeling that your particular body is defective, but given the capabilities of the AF Fine Tune function, it is meant to be used to correct "body" errors. If it fixes your problem, isn't that what really matters? Especially when multiple bodies seem to require the exact same correction, it may be your only remedy for now.

Yaamon wrote:

jl_smith wrote:

1) Manufacturer includes ability to fine tune the camera to allow for AF errors.

2) You use this capability and fine tune your lenses

3) You want to return the camera because the feature works

Excuse me if I'm a bit confused.

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In my instance its NOT normal for a brand new camera to have to adjust all the lens the exact amount.

This is not what fine tune was designed for.

It was designed to correct out of tolerance lens.

As the camera has the ability to store 12 lens, what happens if I own more than 12 lens?

I currently have 2 canon camera and out of 6 canon lens zero need any adjustment pn any of the bodies.

Only the tamron 17-50 need a +5 on the 7D.

So you are saying it normal to buy a camera and have to adjust all your lens, when I tested the 24-120 F4 VR on a friend D700 it needed 0 adjustment.

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Canon 5D II, 7D & Nikon D7000

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