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#5 More about AF-ON -> how to use it and settings

a3 -> 9 points
a4 -> off
Focus area and mode AFC - continuous focus with 9 points dynamic area
a1 -> release
Lock initial focus point to central point (w/ the focus lock selector )
Set AE-L button to AF-ON only (so you will not focus using shutter button!)

It's a night and day difference and you'll never need to change any of the above settings whatever condition you want:

1- Just press AF-ON to focus the initial focus point;
2- Keep pressing while you want to continuous focus and shoot at will

3- If you want to recompose, just lift your thumb and the focus will lock -> then recompose and shoot.
4- For manual focus dont touch the AF-ON button

It takes minutes to get used to it and you will never go back. It's so easy to use that my wife, 11 y old son, girlfriend of my oldest, etc shoot now w/ AF-ON.

Notes on this technique:

a- You don't have to bother about changing camera focus settings for every condition (unless you're a pro w/ many chalenges/especial conditions to shoot)

b- The person you lend the camera will not shoot by mistake using half-press shutter (very easy and happens w/ every new person that grabs such a heavy DSRL)-> ask him/her just to press AF-ON untill he gives you back the camera!

c- You'll cut all focus delays and will get a pretty fast, almost instantaneous focus (w/ a HSM lens especially)

d- In action situations, like kids running or worse like BIF, is almost impossible to get the right moment using AF-S focus old techniques (let's say AF-S plus beep confirmation+focus lock to release shutter)

e- Pressing AF-ON just start the continuous focus procedures a bit before than using the half-press shutter and THAT is the secret together w/ using RELEASE mode, that gets things working flawless w/ NO delay using AF-ON button.

f- If you keep the half-press shutter focus activated too, you won't lock focus and recompose w/ the AF-ON button, because the moment you press the shutter the camera will acquire a new focus target different from the one you have choosen before w/ AF-ON only.

g- Please note that any lens VR is NOT activated by pressing AF-ON (a new firmware would be nice to correct this) and you'll need to half press shutter button way before to estabilize it.


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