DPR : 79% = Silver Award & 76% = Gold Award !

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Re: What's the issue?

Fine summary. You're spot on.

Time for some people to take few minutes to regroup and find another topic to flail at.

spqr_ca wrote:

Simon explained it fairly well, the score is objective, based on measurable information. The award is subjective and includes intangibles that you can't put a number on. I'm cool with that, but I think the missing link here is that the reasoning behind the award for a given camera isn't made clear and so people see a disconnect. For example, if the explanation for the award stated: "We give it a gold because, while it's objective measurements are comparable to the competitors, the overall handling of the camera just felt so much better. The excellent grip that naturally flowed into your fingers, etc..."

This sort of information does come up in the test, but for those that jump to the conclusion pages to score hunt will miss them. After all, it is entirely possible for a camera to be technically incredible, but an absolute beast to use or technically average, but just fun to fire the shutter on and thus their award will reflect that. We all know this, so why the angst about it? In any case, it just goes to show that you shouldn't buy a camera based on specs alone, go handle it for real.

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