D7000 (Silver Award) & T2i (Gold Award) in Mid Range Category

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Re: But it doesn't

I don't quite get this discussion we're having.

I say that the D7000 has more pro-esque features, but that the 5DII has a better sensor. You reply this by saying that the 5DII has a better sensor. I repeat my original point, and you again reply with the same argument. Where I stand, it looks like we're agreeing.

But I still believe that the D7000 has better DR than the 5DII, and I'm not sure what your samples have to do with that.

Gunzorro wrote:

Jon -- The D7000 and the 5DII are in completely different classes. Just the resolution from the 21MP full frame sensor blows the D7000 away. And the 5DII video is an industry leader, featured in everything from music videos to feature films with a whole industry devoted to it's aftermarket video add-ons.

Unless you've used the full frame images of high MP, I don't think you realize the difference in IQ compared to APS-C sensors, even at low ISO.

Don't get me wrong, I love the D7000 for what it is, and it has overall great quality. But don't put it up against a full frame sensor, especially not one like the 5DII.

Here are a couple shots I took today to look at the patterns or noise in OOF areas at ISO 100 featuring the D7000 at 16MP and Canon's 1st Generation full frame sensor, the 1Ds at 11MP, 100% crops.
Upper is 1Ds, lower is D7000.

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