D700 users - are you shooting 14 bit raw?

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OK... DR is an expression of sensor/ADC abillity to capture detail at the bright and dark ends of the luminance range. Bit depth is an expression of the color gradations available in the image information, rendering skin tones, for instance, much more life-like than 12 bit. One of the reasons the Canon 5D was such a success was the DR. It's still in use today, 5-1/2 years after it's introduction. It was a 12 bit camera, and the DR was far and away better than any other camera on the market at the time, a time, by the way, in which 14-bit cameras were not common at all, if they were even on the market. At ISO100, the DR on a 12-bit 5D is almost exactly the same as a 14 bit Canon 5D MKII with all it's 14-bit, Digic IV advanced technology. In practical use (which is all that matters), DR is affected much more by ADC efficiency and technology, sensor design and even temperature than by bit-depth.

BTW, have any of you ever heard of black silicon? The conductivity factor is about 15 times better than today's technology, which will eventually increase DR approaching that of the human eye. It's being developed now for solar panels, medical imaging and NASA telescopes, but one day, when the cost comes down, it will be used in DSLRs. 14 bit sensors will be able to double their DR capabilities instantaneously with no increase in bit depth.

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