Next Lens- Macro - But which?

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Re: Next Lens- Macro - But which?

I use Nikon's 60G, 105VR and 200mm macros on an almost daily basis. Each focal length has it's advantages (as do even longer solutions, s.a. the 300/4 AF-S with TC's or extension tubes or the 500/8 reflex). The longer the focal lengths give greater working distance with more foreshortening and less background detail.

For flowers I feel choosing the appropriate focal length is key in achieving the look I want. If I want flowers as part of a scene, the shorter focal lengths 45mm, 55 or 60 work best for me. If I want to isolate a flower with a smooth detail free background, I'll choose a longer focal length.

When shooting shy insects, working distance is key and longer lenses are best. My favorite insect hunting lens is the 200mm, which although heavy, is almost always hand-held for for insects.

When I'm not shooting insects, I almost always use a tripod and frequently use a macro focusing rail.

A single focal length for macro makes no more sense to me than a single focal length for landscapes or sports.

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