Am I Crazy?

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Am I Crazy?

Okay...long-story-short; I'm thinking of jumping ship to Sony.

I'm a pro wedding & engagement photographer who's been with shooting mainly Canon gear for almost a decade. I always felt that Canon had the best equipment, mainly in lenses and IQ. I never found myself lusting after anything outside the Canon realm...until recently. The list of reasons for me to stay with Canon has diminished almost completely, down to only one point: I have Canon gear.

Last year I found myself lusting (and still do) after the D3s. I probably would have jumped by now if it were in the 16mp range. I just feel that 12mp is a bit low for some of the print sizes and cropping I need...

...I was shooting with the 5DII, but after a fellow photographer lost 2/3 of a wedding when his cCF card died, I immediately decided that dual card slots is a MUST. So I bought a 1DIV. I like the camera, but man, I'm really not liking the low light AF. I'm also finding that I'm not able to crop as much as I would have hoped, and am having a harder time getting critically sharp images (than the 5DII) with it. I guess what I really needed was a 5DII with dual card slots...

...Which brings me to Sony. I'm looking at some of the pros vs cons of jumping to an a900 kit, and the pros list seems pretty long. Jeez, I could even get an A900 & an A850 just for backup, and still have tons of funding left for a great lens kit...

Are there any pros here that have chosen Sony, and what has your experience thus-far? I guess my big question is this:

Is Sony truly an option for the most demanding professional wedding photographer yet?

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