Panny users : how to emulate Jpeg from raw?

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Re: Bummer... Thanks for the answers

debspix wrote:

If the jpegs suck why do you want to emulate them? In silkypix click the ticks next to 'default', 'camera setting' 'standard colour', and you get a long list of default settings without any other tweaking. they may not be exactly the same as the in camera jpegs, but maybe you will find something to suit you.

I thought I already made it clear - jpeg sucks with respect to detail (and washed out colors as ISO increases):

Mike Neary wrote:

redrunnertc wrote:

Um .... shoot RAW+JPG?

Nope - the jpeg quality sucks in comparison to raw (regarding the amount of detail you can pull out).

I just want good starting points for colors - at the very minimum, a landscape mode and a portrait mode. I remember how long I tried to fiddle with ACR's color profiles before they provided the Nikon camera profiles - never got close to making it look really good...

Nikon's own converter NX2 lets you set the same profiles as in camera, but Panasonic only provides Silkypix which doesn't seem to have any profiles either.

Thanks for the tips for Silkypix. I haven't looked at that converter yet because I do everything in Lightroom - it's more convenient to have all my photos organized there, and the ACR conversion has reached very high quality now.

I guess all I really want is Lightroom profiles for the Panasonic G-series!



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