60D w/17-135mm vs 550D w/15-85mm - appreciate any thoughts

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60D w/17-135mm vs 550D w/15-85mm - appreciate any thoughts

What a dilemma. For reasons of cost I'm conflicted, but I'm really sold on the 15-85mm Canon lens.
Here are my thoughts:

The 60d kit with the 17-135mm lens is $1299. - a good deal. If I get the 60D body with the 15-85mm I'm looking at $1700.00.

I really would like the 15-85mm, but I cannot justify the cost at this time with the 60D body, hence why I'm looking at the 550D with the 15-85mm ($1400.00).
Now I'm feeling like the 550D is too small a body.

Practically speaking, not to mention the other attributes of the 60D, would I see much of a difference in, let's say, 8x10 or 11x14 prints between the 15-85mm and the 17-135mm lens? One of the reasons I was giving the 550D a hard look was the weight. But in reaserching the weights the 550D with the 15-85mm lens is only 2 ounces lighter than the 60D kit with the 17-135mm lens.

If I get the 60D kit I might be able to swing the 50mm 1.8. Decisions, decisions.
I just want to be relatively sure the 17-135mm is going to do it for me.
A little note: I'm coming from and currently have a G11 and an SX10 super zoom

with a background of having a couple of film SLRs. This will be my 1st digital SLR.
Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
Hooked on superzooms

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