protective screen for 60D

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protective screen for 60D

Sorry, forget my previous post, I made a mistake

I made a search, and found that the OP that first rised this subject was throwfully bashed by almost all the replyiers, saying that :

  • As the 60D screen can be turned downwards, no need for a protection

  • The protective screen would add reflects

  • Canon could replace the original screen protection for a few bucks

All this may be true, but depends of yr photo habits

For myself, it's mainly travels in Asia or Africa for tribe festivals, and it's sometimes hot (alcohol), so here are my answers :

  • you don't always have time or you can forget to turn yr screen before putting back yr 60D in it's bag

  • All my cameras have protective screens, and I never noticed reflects. Anyway, when I read the tests of new cameras, I always see that the new screen is a huge improvement and is readible in full sun; we probably don't speak of same sun !

I usually travel with pro photographers, and in those countries, when we are in full sun, we all rush towards a shady place after a set of photos (would make a good comic film to see us) , because , even on a 7D, we are unable to see in the sun if the photos are in focus and well exposed, and it's a lie to state otherwise (and yes, my eyes are very good, thanks)

  • when you live, like me, in a small french village, it's not easy to have yr screen repaired easily and quickly, and in France anywav, it costs more than a few bucks !

So, I'll put a rigid protective on my 60D, and what I would like to know is :

  • If one ofyou has already bought one, and from which site ( in Hk I presume)

  • If, once this rigid synthetic glass is applied, the screen can completely be folded downwards against the body ( with the little "clic") or not

Thank you for reading, and please excuse my grammatical mistakes.

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