DPR review of the Nikon D7000 is done and posted!

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Re: Nikon D7000, Canon 60D, Sony A55, Sony NEX 5

OK, thanks. I thought it was the opposite. That the 7D had higher low ISO read noise.


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I looked at page 12 of the Nikon D7000 review and compared it to 3 other cameras. I am not interested in jpeg results so I set it to show raw for the Nikon D7000, Canon 60D, Sony A55, and Sony NEX 5 and I looked at all ISO values. I normally just skim over this stuff when reading a review and just take a quick look to make sure nothing is way out of whack, but this time I looked more closely. Here are 4 screenshots that show the Nikon D7000, Canon 60D, Sony A55, and Sony NEX 5 at their lowest ISO, ISO 800, ISO 6400, and ISO 12,800. The Canon 60D looks the best to me. What do you think?

I think that these comparisons are a lot like Rorschach tests, people see what they wish to see and act accordingly. Given that all of these cameras are very good, everyone is right. My own bias is that I would try to use the 60D (or my 7D, with the same sensor)

The 7D doesn't have the same sensor as the 60D - the 60D's is a later development and is better, lower read noise.


My understanding is that the difference is in the number of readout channels between the two sensors. I've not seen a direct comparison of low ISO pattern and shadow noise but the DXO 7D/60D/550D measurements all look identical or at least to be within reasonable manufacturing tolerance.

The DxO measurements are not identical. When I run the read noise and saturation capacity analysis on the 7D I get this:

on the 60D this:

and on the 550D this:

60D/550D have lower high ISO (sensor) read noise.

7D has lower low ISO read noise, which I'd guess is something to do with different off-chip readout (more channels) - this could be sample variance, but it's quite a big variance, more than I've seen for other examples of the same sensor. Interestingly, the high ISO read noise on the 60D/550D is of the order of that on the 1DIV

read noise is very much to do with the size of the pixel read transistor, so I suspect what has happened is that the 7D used the transistor from the 50D/5DII (it has about the same high ISO read noise) then Canon developed a smaller one for the 1DIV and retro-fitted it into the 18MP sensor when they brought out the 4 channel version (7D has 8)

Did I miss something? Has someone posted a direct comparison of low ISO performance between the two?

There was a whole thread on it, titled '60D sensor better than 7D' or something like that.

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