Fuji Quandary

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Fuji Quandary

Is the F300 the best Fuji can do?

And what does a 'Fuji Fan' do when he/she wants a compact, pocketable cam that offers F30/F31 IQ, with F200 'mechanics' and full control in all 'PASM' modes? Fuji have proven over the years that, when they put their mind to it, they can achieve outstanding results of the above but separately, in separate models. Masters of 'divide and ruin'.

Could they produce a Canon S90/95 or better? I'm sure they could but didn't.
Could they produce a Pana LX3/LX5 or better? Sure, but it never occured to them.

It did occur to the Canons and Panas of this world as well as to upcoming tiddlers of the past who are now major players in a field that should have been dominated by Fuji having had such a lead only a few years ago.

So, what do we have to talk or be excited about? The F300? How much longer will the Fuji faithfuls remain in the 'Fuji Quandary' of fragmented models and no ONE wholesome model that combines and offers what a keen photographer wants?

Come on Fuji, you have reversed the natural progression from new models getting better to new models getting decidedly worse:
F100/200 > F70 > F80 > F300
with some stray rubbish in between (F45/F50/F60).

Stop dilly-dallying and get on with the job or close shop and concentrate on industrial/medical photo equipment and leave the field to the ones who have better vision of both their capabilities and their customer requirements.
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ps If you see someone without a smile on, give him one of yours...

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