Pentax 645D on IR ..

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Re: Pentax 645D on IR ..

Wow that is breathtaking! (looking at details in the ISO-100 shot) You do realise all my K-5 shots are going to look rubbish now! (kidding!)

Did notice there is a slight issue with the sensor on the 645D they used for testing.

Looking on the comparometer at ISO-200 and above.

The ISO-1600 shot shows it the most, seems to start at the middle (of the bottom label,) on the purple craft thread, with a hot pixel, then follows right down to the bottom of the photograph. Almost as if a whole line of pixels has switched off.

Not seen anything like that on other 645D shots people have posted, possibly just a slightly faulty sensor in the the one IR had.

PS: Please don't think I'm trying to start a flame war. I'm not into things like that.
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