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Re: reverse tonal transform (D2Hs)

gollywop wrote:


Open Picture Control Utility and start with a Neutral (predefined) case. Drop the Sharpening to 0 -- keep everything else at 0 --, and click "Use Custom Curve." Now pull the center of the curve down with a single point to a position as close as you can get it to Input 128, Output 56. Now click "New," and name your custom curve. Finally, export it to your CF card. It will be put in a folder named NIKON, subfolder CUSTOMPC, file PICCONxx.NCP. Then follow the instructions in the manual for loading a custom curve.

But beware, the resulting tone curve will produce an LCD image that is very, very dark, and perhaps, as a result, pretty useless. Still, one can use it to take a test shot just to see what the histograms look like under your shooting conditions.

Custom Tone Curve "Input 128, Output 56" is that the same value for all Nikon Cameras or different for D2Hs? Thanks in advance.

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