Complex selections CS5

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Ralph Ramirez Veteran Member • Posts: 7,056
Re: Complex selections CS5

Howard, I did use a mask. I used the green channel and calculations (blends 2 channels in this case I used the Green channel for both) reducing opacity if necessary to get the best contrast between the sky and background. Calculations creates a new alpha channel then use levels, dodge and burn to fine tune the mask. You can further fine tune the mask using Refine Mask if you're using CS5 or just painting with white/black on the mask. I'm not very good at explaining my thoughts, hope this helps............Ralph

HowardinOregon wrote:

Thanks for the wonderful sunburst instructions; I'll use it. However, the principal problem is selection. I want to select the entire tree (including all the leaves and branches) so that I can move it onto another image and then apply the sunburst. I don't want to spend an hour tediously getting every leave and branch with the Lasso or polygon tool. Perhaps I'm missing something using the quick select and color select tools.

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