P&S thoughts for gift for 25 yo

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P&S thoughts for gift for 25 yo

Thanks in advance for any thoughts

Fiances daughter (25 year old, live and works in Manhattan) asked for a new camera for the holidays.

I have been researching ones for myself for months and ended up 'requesting' a Panasomic Lumix LX5 (I love my DSLR and my prime 50mm but needed a new on the go option)

So my issue is I dont think what I was looking for and researching is so much relevant to what she would need and like.

She has had some sony cyber shots in the past and is fine with them.

I notice she just points and shoots and I think is happy to have pictures come out clear of her friends and less concerned that the colors are perfect or lighting correct.

Price - probably up to about $200/250
Needs to fit easily in purses to take about the city and out with friends

EASY TO USE - maybe switch or buttons for different modes that she can easily just pick - like nighttime or indoor/outdoor settings
Nice LCD screen
Extra 'fun' features I am sure she would like
Takes nice, clear, in focus pictures

I have read about the
just read about SONY HX5

Nikon commercials look like they are trying to say they are fun and easy (are they, and are they any good?)

worried the panasonic have too many manual options and not enough easy selections for her...?

Any ideas, thoughts, recommendations of other cameras to look at..

from yet another - what p&s should I get poster Thanks

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