Now thoroughly confused with D90 metering and SB600

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Re: Now thoroughly confused with D90 metering and SB600


if you can properly expose there's no need for flashlight.
That is, besides fill-flash.
So you have to underexpose to have the flash do the lighting.

If in manual mode, raise shutterspeed to eg. 1/200, lower ISO if you can and if all the lighting is providedby the flash and there is nearly no ambient reaching the sensor WB can be set to
The flash will stop light emission ones there is enough to properly expose.

Now if there isn't enough flash exposure do the opposite of the above whith all or one
of the above settings following your needs.
See what happens.

If you continue in this direction you will see the ambient like starting to gain its part in the exposure just like the situation in your OP.

Nikon flash metering will diminish the flash power when you let more ambient in the equation.
It's fully automatic.
When you change EV on camera or on flash it's the same thing in manual mode,
if you change the two e.g. +1, the result will be +2

The metering you see in the screen does NOT take in account the flash, it tells you just what the camera see's at that instant.
I did'nt realise this myself, took me a week to get this.
So underexpose and the flash will do the neccessary.
Play with this and than take the next step.

Oh and read lots of stuff.

Ciao Han.

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